Pre-requisites – None (However, it is often easier to understand after you have experienced the basic navigation taught in ASA 103 & 104)

This at-home course is an in-depth study of navigation, lights, sound signals, and currents. It is a pre-requisite for Advanced Coastal Cruising, but can also be done as a stand-alone certification.  You will learn how to recognize light characteristics, correct for tidal currents, and adjust for compass deviation. You will more accurately be able to determine your time underway and arrival time.  You will also learn a variety of ways to determine your position, including running fixes, dipping a light, and latitude/ longitude.

 You will receive a workbook and practice chart. You will need to provide your own navigation tools.  You can work at your own pace through each chapter, and when you feel ready, you will make an appointment to take the written test in our classroom. Allow approximately 4 hours for the written test.  We are available by phone for basic questions, but if you would like additional classroom instruction, that is available by the hour.

Cost is $375 per person. Hourly instruction is $60/hr.